Captain Caleb sails again….and this time it is for Charity!

Captain Caleb is now available for a limited time

Captain Caleb is now available for a limited time

I have been wanting to release Captain Caleb for a while as a lot of work went into it and I am rather impressed with what I did. I created it for my nephew though and wanted it to be special. However something happened that made me think I could release the book on Kindle and still keep it special. My nephew’s dad, Sam Edge, has decided to take part in the The Great Northern Paddle 2013 and in the process raise money for the Calvert Trust who help make disabled people’s lives better by offering outdoor activities. To help him I am releasing Captain Caleb as an ebook for a limited period of time. All royalties I make from this will be donated to Sam Edge for his challenge and thus go to the Calvert Trust to help their excellent work. I have got a lot of positive feedback from the book so it is an absolute bargain at only £1.98. I will make about £1.30 off of every book and 100% of this will be donated. You will also be doing me a favour as it will raise my profile as an author. That’s three great reasons to buy then, raise money for charity, get a great book and further my career. You can buy it from the UK Kindle Store or American Kindle Store. If you are one of these cynics who thinks, ‘I don’t want to raise his profile but I do want to give to charity,’ then just head straight to Sam’s Just Giving page and donate there. Go on, you’ll feel good about yourself!


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