Here’s to the next 100!

Super Lizard CoverLasia's Fate CoverUp The Wrong Tree CoverI apologise for this purely self-indulgent post but it is an exciting time for me (I have said that a lot recently!). Before I launch into the post can I thank everyone who has downloaded Bella and Lola, Super Lizard Begins and/or Lasia’s Fate. The reason I am posting this is that there have officially been a hundred downloads of my ebooks (well actually there were when I wanted to write this post this morning, now there are even more….well a few). This is a significant milestone for me as I feel I am now reaching an audience, ok a small one, but an audience none the less. Is this an important step to becoming a fully fledged author? Ok so the majority of the downloads have been free books (well practically all of them, only 4 for Bella and Lola so far!) but at least I have made a minor ripple in the literary world. And what’s more is that these numbers are not counting reads on Wattpad. I have been thinking of statistics recently. While watching my blog views I was going to post when I got to five hundred. I managed that a few weeks ago and thought it was not really that exciting, but this is. So thank you once again if you have download any of my ebooks, if you have not then please have a look. Only Bella and Lola costs any money, Super Lizard Begins and Lasia’s Fate are free so you don’t even need to spend a penny (unless you need the toilet. Sorry that is a bit of a British joke there!). I hope to have some more paid and free ebooks up in the near future, at least two of which should be full novels. Right I’m off to convince myself that writing 100 rather than one hundred in the title was for impact and that I can actually write!


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