Super Lizard on WH Smith

Super Lizard Begins now available for Kobo via WH Smith

Super Lizard Begins now available for Kobo via WH Smith

Now I understand that these posts might be becoming a little of a bore and are unashamedly self gratifying but it is a very exciting time for me in terms of being an author. Please also be aware I will not be doing posts when every book I place online appears on a different platform, I feel the first time I get on each platform is acceptable though. Right let’s get down to it. First of all I would like to say, Smashwords I love you! As the title says, Super Lizard Begins is now available free for Kobo via WH Smith. If you are not from Britain then you may not have come across WH Smith. It is basically one of our most famous book stores and appears on most high streets in cities in the UK. This for me is quite an achievement. My wife is even incredibly impressed. This is a big milestone for me as it should give me more exposure. Whether people will download it remains to be seen but at least I know that by using Smashwords I can most definitely reach a larger audience. I am now more excited than ever to get more work onto Smashwords, suppose I better get writing then!

Last thing to say is that you can download Super Lizard Begins for Kobo from WH Smith here.


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