Bella and Lola – Kindle Exclusive

Up The Wrong Tree Cover

Not the book I was expecting to write but fun all the same

I mentioned on a previous post that I had been working on another children’s book. Well the good news is that it is complete and live on Kindle for the low price of 77p. It is a short story about my two cats and has some edited photographs, taken by myself, to hopefully add to the narrative. I had never intended to write it, however I was away in Scotland with my wife on a trip to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. I had taken my laptop to carry on working on my sci-fi short story. It was not that I was neglecting my wife, just that sometimes she likes an afternoon nap and I am given an hour or so to myself. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to relax and get some words down. However, we got a phone call a few days in from my Mother-in-law, who was looking after our cats whilst we were away. One had gone missing. After twenty four hours of strife and a few tears, the cat was found. Thinking of my unborn child I suddenly had the idea of writing the tale as a short children’s story which I intended to read to him/her through my wife’s tummy. I had toyed with the idea of putting some work on Kindle to see how easy it was and if I could sell any copies. This seemed the perfect opportunity. I can safely say it was far easier than I thought to get work up on Kindle and I will, no doubt, be adding some more in the future.

Anyhow, for now you can get your teeth into the gritty tale of Bella and Lola: Up The Wrong Tree. Be warned though, it is aimed at five year olds so expect some tense drama!

You can download it in the UK Kindle Store here or in the American Kindle Store here. If you do make the purchase then thank you very much and I do hope you enjoy it.


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