Why would you not read a book on your Kindle? Apparently because Kindles aren’t for reading books on!

Maybe it is my age showing through, maybe it is because I am trying to become an author, but the new Kindle Fire HD advert has really really annoyed me. A few years ago Kindle was revolutionary in that you could download digital copies of books and take them with you whilst you were on the go. It had so many good features like the ability to download and store thousands of books, change text sizes, get it to read to you, find out what words meant straight away as well as linking to other work by authors. The beauty of the Kindle store is that it allows people like me to post short stories for cheap and get a readership. We can all become self-publishers in a digital age. Then the wave of copies came along, that was good for competition. But then came the tablets (or rather the tablets got smaller, more portable and much more powerful). So Kindle changed. We got the Kindle Fire with its lovely screen and choice of apps, movies and games. So now the Kindle Fire is more like a tablet you can read on. But the crime has happened now in my eyes, the new advert shows that you play games, watch a movie and surf the net on the go. But what does it lack? It does not show that it is a device for reading. Kindle Fire has now just become another tablet, marketed to a visual age. It has moved away from its primary purpose as a device to promote literature and has merged in with the digital age stating clearly, why read when you can play games and watch movies. Maybe I should not be annoyed, Kindle Direct Publishing allows me to get my work on the Internet, to a wider audience and even make some money from it (well maybe it will one day!). I am just so frustrated by this marketing change of direction, moving away from the uniqueness that Kindle created.What is more interesting is that I looked for the advert online and only found the American version. This has someone reading in it. Why doesn’t the UK version? Are we too stupid to be able to read or has it been cut for air time? Maybe there is a short and long version, if so someone has cut the main point of the Kindle!  Is this then a clever business strategy to allow more people to access Kindle or another nail in the coffin of reading?


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