I want my hat back!

Cover of the hilarious I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen

Cover of the hilarious I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen

Recently at school we were asked to promote the CILIP Carnegie Medal by getting our pupils to review shortlisted books. They can do this by going to the website and selecting their school then writing a brief review. The judges then use these to help them decide on the winner. I noticed that there is also a Kate Greenaway Medal for books that apply to pupils in primary school. One book on there is ‘I Want My Hat Back’ by Jon Klassen. The thing about this book is that my wife and myself bought it for our nephew for Christmas. We had seen it in Waterstones when looking for ‘The Gruffalo’ and were amazed at how funny it was. I thought I would just do a quick post to promote it and say that I hope it wins the award. It is basically about a bear who has lost his hat and asks all the animals he comes across if they have seen it. I do not want to ruin it by saying what happens (it is a book for five year olds so the plot is not that deep!) but it is safe to say that it had us cracking up in the shop. The illustrations are also beautiful and add to the charm of the story. It is very new age and different from those classic children’s picture books and I think that is why we liked it so much. I do not really know about any other work by Jon Klassen except that he does a lot of illustrations but here is a link to his website anyway. All that is left to say is that my fingers are crossed and I will be checking out the results when they come out.


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