Smashwords here I come!

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Will Smashwords mean my work can be downloaded onto multiple e-readers?

I just got back from a bonnie holiday in Scotland to celebrate my first wedding anniversary (yes she has stuck with me that long!). Whilst out there I took my laptop so as to write a bit more of my forthcoming sci-fi story. It’s not that I am unromantic but more that my wife tends to like afternoon naps and I end up sitting around watching rubbish TV. However something interesting happened. My mother-in-law was cat sitting (not sitting on cats but looking after ours, like house sitting…get it!) and there was an issue, an issue which got me into thinking of a short story. I ended up therefore writing a story about my two cats aimed at around 5-7 year olds (more about this in future posts). I have been toying with the idea of putting something on Kindle and charging to see if anyone would buy it. It seemed to me that this story was an obvious choice, so earlier today (if you are reading this today that is, well you are reading it today but as I am writing it this is Thursday 11th April!) I decided to put my only finished piece of work, Super Lizard Begins, up there for free. The problem though, is that you can’t put anything on Kindle for free. Well not using their site anyway! I decided to look about and saw Smashwords. I know some people from Wattpad who use it so checked it out. Amazingly you can put stories on it and give them away for free. Also if you format them correctly you can get them on Kindle, Kobo, Sony Readers, iBooks and many many others. It took a little while to play about with the formatting features and change my front cover a bit (well blow it up and then edit it so it was not pixellated) but I managed to be eligible to get on these readers. To do this you also need an ISBN number. To my mind this was some exclusive club, but no, they are free. So I now have a book with an ISBN number, how amazing!

So there it is, I am on Smashwords meaning my work will now be able to be accessed by a wider audience. Whether they will do or not remains to be seen. I could even be downloaded on e-readers, lets just hope that some of them accept my book. It is free so I see no reason why not. You know people could be reading my work on Wattpad, Smashwords, Kindle, Kobo, iBooks and so on and so on. Anyhows, Super Lizard Begins is now on Smashwords and it has been proofread again and some errors taken out. You can get to my account here. Whilst writing is still something I will be doing in the background at least I have another platform to share my work with the world!


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2 responses to “Smashwords here I come!”

  1. MojoFiction says :

    I’m a big fan of Smashwords. It’s easy to use and the community seems quite receptive. I posted a free short story there about a month ago and was happy to see more than a few readers pick it up. Sure, it was free, but it felt good to know someone was reading it. I wish some certain other sites would follow suit!

    • harveycd says :

      I think the certain other site is just in it for the cash! Smashwords is made by an author so I think that helps. Already had eight downloads on the short story I posted. Only got a few more views on Wattpad. Think that they submit it to a plethora of ebook sights is a big bonus. Having it on multiple channels can only increase readership and like you say it is just nice that people are reading it.

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