People are more important than things

Now it is the Easter holidays I thought I would get to do some writing and update the blog a little more regularly (well for the next two weeks). The writing is coming on fine but I really did not know what to blog about. Today I found the perfect inspiration in my unborn child. Yes, it is true, I am going to be a Father and don’t know whether to be happy for my little Bambino or feel sorry for the amount of time I will embarrass them. One thing I know I will do, in fact already do, is love them. The very morn on the day on which this post was written I was clearing out the spare room which will become the nursery. We moved to our new house almost a year ago and since then many boxes have been left untouched. As I rifled through the boxes I came across special items and memories. But as I went I was unsure where all the stuff would go. As I reasoned I noted that a lot of it was just stuff, things I don’t need and things I don’t use. I thought of my unborn child and what my wife would want the house to look like. I made a vital decision, get rid of the stuff for the people I love. The two hardest things to rid myself of were my fancy dress and my dragons. The fancy dress has been collected over years and has many memories of parties, dancing and good times attached to it. But I only wear them once and most of the pictures are up on facebook. To the charity shop they go! Next the Tudor Mint dragon ornaments I collected as a young adult. Well, I reasoned, I haven’t opened the boxes for over five years but I have always dreamed of that glass cabinet to display them in. But my wife won’t want that around the house and if I sell them I can make some money that could go towards baby paraphernalia. Onto ebay they go! Let’s hope I actually make a little money, if I make £50 for the lot I’ll be well chuffed.

So there we go, the only question is…is this a sign of growing up and taking on responsibility or am I crazy? The more I think about it the more I realise I do these things not for me but for the people I love. I want my wife to be happy and my child to have the best start in life. If that means sacrifice then sacrifice it is, although these are hardly very big sacrifices there will be more to come. For me memories are more than material goods, we store things up but what for? I have also been looking in my special boxes, basically shoe boxes where I place things that help me remember the good times. When going back and looking I couldn’t remember why I had saved half the stuff. So again, chucked half of it away. To be special something should bring back a memory, an idea or a hope. If it doesn’t then it is simply not worth having. How much stuff is out there that is simply glorified rubbish? I know as I carry on clearing my new nursery room I will find more and this will end up on the scrap heap too. Right, I’m feeling very sentimental today so I better go before I make even myself sick!


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