One of my dreams has come true….and it only took a hash tag!

My first tweet on BBC Sport's Get Involved section

My first tweet on BBC Sport’s Get Involved section

If you read my last blog entry about a week ago I said I had joined twitter and made a comment about wanting to appear on BBC Sport’s Get Involved section. I can confirm that with my first ever use of a hash tag this has happened. The tweet in question was about Rio Ferdinand’s inclusion in the England squad. I believe that it is wrong that Hodgson has recalled Ferdinand. Yes I am a Leeds support and therefore a little biased but I cannot see Rio being more than a back up. If that is the case then we need to be aware we are playing San Marino, surely we should therefore keep with youth and look at players like Jenkinson and Wisdom. In particular Carl Jenkinson has been playing well for Arsenal, he has also been playing the top clubs in Europe in the Champions League. If we want to look to the future then bringing back an older defender who was dropped for footballing reasons seems odd to me. What has changed since he was dropped, very little in his form. We have got experience with Cole, Dawson and Johnson so do we need Rio as well? Yes we have got Montenegro and that is a very important game but I would not expect Rio to play in that game and thus any youngster that was brought in would not be playing either. If we do not get youth playing now we could find that we are in same position as before with the old guard failing yet again. Anyway, whatever your views are lets just revel in the fact that I am now one step closer to being a professional football pundit, look out for me on Match of the Day in the near future!


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