I’ve become a twit…..but they made me do it!

After years of staunch resistance I have finally given in! My friend and author James Camp told me that I needed to get a twitter account to help promote my literary works so I have gone and done just that. Rather than this blog encapsulating anything I think about and can be bothered to write down, the twitter account will focus on writing. One other bonus is I can now join in on BBC Sport when they have live text streams of football. It has been, for a long time, a dream of mine to appear on a Get Involved section. Small things and small minds eh! Anyhows, if you want any news on my writing or pointless views on the latest action in English football then feel free to follow me at @harveycd_writer (does there need to be two ats in there, this internet speak is far too confusing. Oh my I am starting to sound rather old).
If you can’t be bothered opening a new tab, typing into the address bar, logging into twitter, searching for me and then deciding if you wish to follow me based on tweets submitted so far then you can just click this link, it may save you about 5 seconds. Enjoy.


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