Writing is such a buzz! But where to go now?

If you have not read any of my other posts you will not be aware that I am a teacher, a teacher who got inspired to write a novel that had been in his head for some years. I was inspired by my friend and aspiring author James Camp (check out his site here). Since then I have written some other short stories as well as slowly creating my novel (I will finish it one day!), I share all my work on wattpad (you can get to my profile here).

As I am not that happy with my job at the moment, my mind has been turning more and more to writing and potentially making a career out of this. Maybe even working part-time as a teacher and part-time as a writer. The real issue I have is time. With house improvements, a baby on the way, completing a Master’s Degree and the pressures teaching brings I find little to no time to actually get pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard. I seem to go an age without writing and when I have time to start I do not feel as passionate. But it only takes a few words being typed or a short walk thinking about my story and where it should go to get me motivated once again. I find that I am daydreaming when doing other tasks; I want to be working on my novel or one of the myriad of short stories in my mind. I get frustrated, my legs feel tense, I am restless….I just want to be getting my stories down and sharing my thoughts with others.

Recently I was thinking how I could move forward with a career in writing and talked to two people, a friend who is on a creative writing course and my budding author mate James Camp. The first told me to write lots of short stories and submit them to magazines, the second told me to write lots of short stories and promote them online (I may even have to get a twitter account!). I have looked at the editorial or article industry online but have been told to avoid that, pay is low and it is not as interesting as writing stories. I would have to agree. A short while ago I completed a children’s book for my nephew which involved creating images on Adobe Flash. I had it professionally printed and all who looked at it were impressed. It might well be my proudest achievement (I did a post about it here). This brings up the idea of self-publishing, but is my work good enough? Have I got the funds? Is it worth the hassle of self marketing in the almost vain hope I will get a large readership?

Writing is most definitely a buzz. I love it. I love getting all the ideas out of my head. I write for myself and that is wonderful but the question is where to go now? Do I seek publishers, do I self publish, do I work on promoting myself online or do I just carry on as a hobby? I feel at a cross roads, a potential change in life, one that I would love but one that will take a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Is it worth it? Will I be constrained by writing for my audience rather than 100% what I want to do? Who knows, but sometimes you have to take a leap. However, I think I’ll start with a small step and go from there, look to promote myself a little more online and see if anything happens. Who knows, I could be the next Dickens!


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2 responses to “Writing is such a buzz! But where to go now?”

  1. futuresurfing says :

    I say don’t self publish, at least not initially. Establish yourself first. Find a publisher. I’m not a fiction writer but I have had a book published, back in 1997… Still thinking about the next one! 😉
    Publishers get too well paid for what they do BUT they do market your book which is very helpful for a first time author.

    • harveycd says :

      Thanks for the advice, I think I will get through this teaching year trying to promote my work a little more online and see how things go. I don’t really have the money to self publish and self market so I would only do it for the feeling that I have actually published something.

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