TWOAK Chapter 4

2012 was extremely busy for me and as such I have had little time to work on my novel. I decided that I needed to complete Chapter 4 by the end of my Christmas break and I am happy to say that I have done just that. The pace is a little quicker now and things are starting to happen. You can get the whole book here, or jump straight to chapter four here. Hope you like it because I am unsure when I will get Chapter 5 written! If anyone is out there on wattpad as well and would like me to look at their stuff then let me know, I am always up for some idea sharing. I have also been chatting to a few people at work who I seem to have inspired to start writing their own novels or children stories so if you have a story in you then get on wattpad and share it with the world too, it surely can’t be as bad as mine!


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