He’s back and he’s just as polite as ever!

Super Lizard Returns Cover

The lovely blue cover for Super Lizard Returns, a collection of four Super Lizard short stories.

Whilst work commitments and working on another project (which I intend to blog about later) have meant that The Wings of Aysh-Karal is currently on stall (I do hope to get another chapter up during the Christmas break) I have found some time to write which is good as I have had a massive itch to do just that. Since a small handful of people reacted positively to Super Lizard and I have lots of ideas for the characters I have decide to make a set of four more short stories. This is good on two levels for me, firstly it satisfies my writing itch and secondly it is a de-stresser. Where as TWOAK can be quite heavy at times and I need to keep meticulous notes to make sure there are no continuity errors and the story is moving where I want it to, Super Lizard allows me to just sit down and write. It gives me an opportunity to turn my hand to a bit of comedy which, although it is not amazing, I am a lot happier with than I thought I would be. Picking up straight after Super Lizard Begins, the first short story of the new series is now up, entitled Sequins and Spandex, and can be found under the collection name of Super Lizard Returns (yes I am using Batman titles!). Have a look for it on wattpad.


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