I think I’m coming over all WW2

It must be my Guernsey heritage that makes me interested in World War 2. I love historical things but tend to steer clear of anything with guns. After reading and thoroughly enjoying The Warsaw Anagrams, ‘Valkyrie’ came through the post from LoveFILM. This was yet another movie I expected little from. Like The Warsaw Anagrams it didn’t start well, the German bit was good explaining how Cruise felt but when it faded into his accent and English I lost the feel of WW2. This said, it was a minor irritation and as all the actors spoke with American or British accents it actually worked for me. If there were some trying some dodgy German one’s (ala Jeremy Irons in Die Hard with a Vengeance) I think I would have lost my disbelief (I’m getting theatre terms in here, I sound all posh and lovely!). The story was intriguing and really well told, probably because it was based on true events. I knew it had to be good by the middle as some knowledge of WW2 was needed, my wife  actually fell asleep half way through after asking me what was going on three times! I was also shocked that Cruise wasn’t attempting the action man roll and failing miserably, like he does in so many moves in my opinion. All in all another pleasant surprise and again another movie to notch up on the not thinking it’s going to be good but actually is list. If you were avoiding this one because Cruise is in it (like I was) then put your prejudices aside, it’s actually pretty decent.


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