I thought there was going to be Zombies!

Unlike my friends across the pond or those in the UK who can afford Sky TV I have had to wait what feels like an age for series 2 of The Walking Dead to appear on Channel 5. Whilst reviews of the show are generally positive and I love watching, I have one conern….ZOMBIES! The show seems to centre around relationships in the group and the tensions that appear when you are placed in an almost post-apocalyptic environment, however I am concerned about the lack of zombies. Not the lack of them being there per say, but the lack of any real zombie action. In fact the first three episodes of series 1 started like a Dawn of the Dead style action flick and I was hoping for me. I found the series turning more and more towards relationships with only the odd bit of zombie action. As the first series drew to a close it had disappointed me a bit. The second seemed to start in a similar fashion. Apart from a lot of zombies walking down a road and a few in a forest chasing a small girl there appeared to be very little action. Now I like a good sub plot and some intrigue but I also like some slashing, biting and excess gore and I don’t think you can have even a serious zombie story without that. That said, episodes 1 and 2 of series 2 is all that have aired at the point this is written and Shane and Otis are stuck in the abandoned school so I am hoping for some old school zombie action. All in all I am impressed with The Walking Dead but think the balance of story to zombie action is not quite right. That said, this might be the focus of the comics which I have not read. If so I feel the adaptation should take in the more action orientated genre of zombies in moving pictures. It’s not often I want style over substance but The Walking Dead is one exception to my rules, plus the zombies look amazing so lets use them a little more!


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