The Wings of Aysh-Karal

The Wings of Aysh-KaralThanks to my friend and buddy author James Camp (check out his site or buy some of his work for kindle) I decided to embark on a rather self-indulgent fantasy I have had for a while… write a novel. Due to work commitments it has taken me ages to even write anything, however I have upload the prologue and first two full chapters to wattpad. I’m not after money for the book, just some critical comments and views. Maybe if it’s really really good I might pop it on kindle…..and then someone will buy it and make a movie of it and I’ll live off the royalties! Haha, I can dream!

Anyhows, as I said it’s just a little project to make me feel good about myself. I will be updating with new chapters as I am writing them but don’t expect anything too soon. Saying that I am a bit of a way through chapter 4 and I do know exactly what will happen, it’s not just me flying on the seat of my pants!

More importantly, if you want to read it so far click here.


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