Stop thinking films are going to be good!

I have a new way of thinking about films, don’t expect too much before watching them. Since joining LoveFilm over a year ago I have filled my film list with those films that I did not think were worth paying cinema prices to see. What I am noticing is that I generally think one of two things. Either a, they are absolute rubbish and I wish I had never set my eyes upon them (aka Transformers Dark of the Moon, Clash of the Titans, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium) or b, they are absolutely brilliant (aka Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, Puss in Boots, Rise of the Planet of the Apes). Actually looking at that list maybe it’s the Robert Downey Jr. effect! What I find more interesting is that I seem to enjoy these films more than those I am really looking forward to seeing at the cinema. Recently I took a trip to see Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists. I love the book and am a big fan of Aardman so was brimming with excitement to see it. After two weeks of convincing my wife to go with me I left with a strange melancholy. It was not that I disliked it, in fact far from that. It just wasnt quite as good as I expected. When I look back at those films I loved that I got off of LoveFilm I am not sure they are all as good as Pirates!. I would definitely watch Pirates! again where as I would happily live on without viewing Iron Man or Rise of the Planet of the Apes for a second time. It’s really all down to hype isn’t it? I went into the experience of those LoveFilm movies without expectations so they could only give a positive. My level for Pirates! was high to start with so a fall was more likely. It’s so obvious but so hard to change your thinking and curb that initial excitement. My new idea is to head into all films thinking they are going to be rubbish, then I can only either be right or happily proved wrong.


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