After a long and drawn out one man race to be England manager it seems that someone else got the job! But was Roy Hodgson the right choice? If we are to believe the FA then yes. However the press conference was, as Radio 5 put it, a sombre affair. For what it is worth I would like to throw my hat in the ring and give my five pounds worth…..or some other incorrect cliche!

Whilst some short sighted people may look at Hodgson’s short stint at Liverpool I feel the man deserves some more respect. Lets look at his achievements at Fulham and West Brom around a Liverpool job which was taken in a difficult financial situation for the scousers. It is clear that Hodgson can take teams that appear to be falling apart and make them decent, but can he do more than that? Can he become a real winner? No matter what people say about England we can win tournaments and we do have a team that should be knocking on the door. I see us as a sort of Tottenham of the international world, decent but just not good enough yet. We show potential and with players like Rooney, Walker, Lennon, Milner, Walcott, Cahill etc. etc. we should be doing far better than we are. And that is where my issue with Hodgson becomes clear. He has a large amount of experience and is well respect but does not seem to have that killer instinct.

Now is the point where I mention that other manager who did not get the job…..Redknapp. The difference in my opinion is that Redknapp is that archetypal British wheeler dealer. Maybe the FA could not relinquish the control that would be required to have Redknapp at the helm. However, I feel that Redknapp would have the backing of the country and the support of the players. Hodgson is the man that is respected around the world and potentially was the easy option. I see him as a very political appointment. The relationship with FIFA and the FA is strained and Hodgson has connections and respect within FIFA. He can smooth that relationship, but will he win England trophies? I’m not so sure. The fact the FA needed to state that they would need to convince England supporters it was the right decision speaks volumes. My personal opinion is that yet again they have made the wrong decision. If we want England to win we need the English man who will unit the country and that is clearly Redknapp. I also feel sorry for Tottenham who, if the saga is the reason they have had a dip in form, need to ask the FA serious questions. The FA say they handled it well but I’m not so sure.

I think the finally word is that, as an England fan, I will get behind Hodgson but that doesn’t mean that I think the appointment is right. I feel the only reason players are backing him is because they do not want to lose their places in the team. So all there is to say is ‘Hodgson prove me wrong!’


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3 responses to “Hodgson”

  1. coolcounterculture says :

    Get behind your manager! He hasn’t even managed a game yet.

    Can I point out one thing and this goes out to all England fans. You do not have the player’s required to win the Euro’s or WC. Go through your best 11 and tell me how many of them would make the Spanish, Dutch or German sides?

    Spain is an example of a country that under-achieved. Do you know what they did? They reinvested in youth football, and took it on the chin for years going without a trophy. Next thing they’re producing these unbelievable, technically brilliant footballers that play football. The only player akin to this type in the last 20 years that England produced is Paul Scholes and he retired from International football due to a ”lack of opportunity” Incredible.

    Alex Ferguson built a team around his ability and look at the silver-ware that came with it. The Xavi’s & Iniesta’s of this world will win you tournaments. Until England produce footballers they won’t get anywhere.

    I’m from Ireland so I know the disappointment of International football. I know what our limitations are, as does our manager and we learn to work within them. England need to do the same or refresh the grass roots approach.

    • harveycd says :

      Thanks for the comments. Disappointed with the tone as I think you need to respect other people’s opinions a little more. To be honest I don’t agree with some points, particularly the idea that we cannot win tournaments. Our success in qualifiers, ok against weaker opposition, shows we have the credentials. We have also played well against big teams in friendlies, again I understand these are not a real test. However, if you look at the FA and League Cups in England its not always the big clubs who win. Everyone would say teams likle Tottenham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Everton, Sunderland etc. have a chance. England are akin to those sorts of teams internationally and in a tournament where a bit of luck and some good performances can win you it I say we can win it, look at Greece and Denmark in the Euros in the last 20 years. No we are not favourites and we probably won’t win it but I think your wide of the mark by saying we wont. If it was a league I would so no chance but in a knockout tournamnet things don’t always go as planned. In terms of players that would get into top international teams, I’m pretty sure Hart, Rooney, Walker, Gerrard and potentially Barry would have a good chance.

      You say get behind the Manager and that is exactly what I am doing, that I disagree he was the man for the job does not matter. I am a Leeds United supporter and dislike Warnock but think he is the right man so am behind him. I thought some of our signings were wrong but that doesnt mean I cheer for them any less. My opinion is that the FA have gone about things wrong and have done that for a long time.

  2. coolcounterculture says :

    I haven’t been disrespectful to your opinion. Everyone is entitled to one. If I came across as that it is because England have won one major tournament in their history and it was in England in 1966. England, the media and fans seem to think they have some divine right to a football tournament when it’s evident that the talent isn’t there. I think a spade needs to be called a spade and a good hard look be taken at the direction the FA are going about the development of youth.

    The 1990 WC team was crammed full of talent yet it still fell short. Luck plays a part until you reach the point where ability decides if you win it. That would explain the lack of success for England in the last 46 years and all the other nations such as Ireland that fall short consistently.

    You picked Denmark as an example but they actually had some top-drawer, excellent players who knew how to win a tournament. They’re a small nation but there was nothing lucky about the win.

    Just for the record, Gerrard, Walker and Barry would do well to make Spain’s 22. Why would you pick Gerrard and Barry when you have Xavi, Iniesta, Xabi Alonso and Fabregas? I would give you any odds you like on England not winning either of the next 2 major tournaments.

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